Monday, May 21, 2007

More Photos of Us getting there

A few shots of our two day journey to base camp. Check out the Galleries link on the blog. Four different flights with one diverted, one aborted landing. Once in Resolute, they fed us and we got our rooms and learned the rules. This is the very same camp that many polar expeditions launch from. In fact, Rosie Strancer (polar explorer) is at this moment attempting a solo trek to the North Pole. If she makes it, she will be the first woman to have ever accomplished both North and South Pole solo treks. She left here in early March and is almost at the Pole as I write this on May 22nd.


sam said...

I hope you're having a great time in the arctic.


Opie said...

Awesome pictures! Incredible sites! SNow and Polar Bears. Hope you are all staying warm! Look forward to more tales from up North.

Bridgette Hutchins said...

Hi Dawn, Sophie and Jacob!

It looks like you are having an amazing adventure! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Have a safe journey back to warm NY.

Love to all,
Bridgette, Graham, Alex and Pippa

viviank said...

Hi Tim, Garret, and Brooke,
Great pictures, especially the airplane, your cousin David loves Airplanes. He wants to keep in touch with your adventures, so let me know what i have to do so he can keep in touch. I send him all the photos you Dad send's to me or through your Grandparents.
Your cousins....Vivian and David
Honeoye Falls, NY