Saturday, May 26, 2007

Headed Home

Spent yesterday on the ice and visiting the kids at the Inuit school. Lots of fun. We posted a daily gallery and descriptions of what we did on the web and a new video "Seal Holes and Science". We are loading our suitcases and arctic gear on the truck now for a trek to the airport and then it's two days for travel to get home, three for those of us in Florida. Can not say enough about how this was a life changing trip. If everyone could see and experience what we did, the world would be different place. I guess that's why the wild blue kids motto is "Go and you will know".

Friday, May 25, 2007

Amabulous Ice Day

Amabulous is a new word we made up. It's "amazing" and "fabulous" put together. It describes our day on the ice. We added a new gallery, so check it out, as well as a video of our day on the ice. We saw icebergs, seals, rode snowmobiles, cooked out on the ice and when we got back to camp, ran into Richard Weber - a famous Polar explorer. He has trekked to the North Pole more than anyone in history. He spent time with us answering questions and talking about his passion for the Arctic. Wish you were here. This really is an amabulous one-of-a-kind place!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Charlotte's Blog Entry1

What I really liked today was how different the Inuits’ culture was compared to ours. When we went to the Inuit school wherever you looked there were old photographs of people, elders, hunters, students, everywhere. It all looked like a whole big family, everyone knew each other.
In our city, we aren’t friendly with everyone who walks past. We don’t know everyone and if they are nice let alone dangerous. In this school there was a freezer with the carcasses of polar bears, musk ox, and caribou that the students could touch and study. I also liked how the school was trying to keep the old traditions, they were learning the main language Inuktituk and English and learning how to build sleds and things. I think that the school was a very good school. If every school were like that I think the world would be a lot better because culture is a very important thing.

Beechey Island Excursion

We flew to Beechey Island and then on to the edge of the ice flow today. An amazing adventure we will never forget - two giant polar bears and incredible sights. Check out our Daily Galleries for pictures and detailed descriptions of our day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

First Day Exploration Photos.....

Today we discovered the people and the community of Resolute Bay by visiting the school and the coop store. We also tested our arctic gear. Check out the pictures in the Galleries - "First Day Exploration" and also the new vieo link.



Monday, May 21, 2007

More Photos of Us getting there

A few shots of our two day journey to base camp. Check out the Galleries link on the blog. Four different flights with one diverted, one aborted landing. Once in Resolute, they fed us and we got our rooms and learned the rules. This is the very same camp that many polar expeditions launch from. In fact, Rosie Strancer (polar explorer) is at this moment attempting a solo trek to the North Pole. If she makes it, she will be the first woman to have ever accomplished both North and South Pole solo treks. She left here in early March and is almost at the Pole as I write this on May 22nd.

Monday Travels

The team has found their way from New York and Key West to Ottawa. This is the first leg of the trip, and even those coming from the Florida Keys are not even half way there! We arrived last night, had a team dinner and got some rest for the long travel day ahead. You will not hear much from us today, as we will be flying from Ottawa to Iqualit and then on to Resolute Bay. The amount of gear and clothes we all have to bring is amazing. If all goes well and weather cooperates, we will be on the ground in the high arctic around 7 PM EST tonight. We will try and post some pictures of the day and a few blogs. Tomorrow we will get set up and start our adventures.