Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Travels

The team has found their way from New York and Key West to Ottawa. This is the first leg of the trip, and even those coming from the Florida Keys are not even half way there! We arrived last night, had a team dinner and got some rest for the long travel day ahead. You will not hear much from us today, as we will be flying from Ottawa to Iqualit and then on to Resolute Bay. The amount of gear and clothes we all have to bring is amazing. If all goes well and weather cooperates, we will be on the ground in the high arctic around 7 PM EST tonight. We will try and post some pictures of the day and a few blogs. Tomorrow we will get set up and start our adventures.


Anonymous said...

We are thinking of you guys! We hope you had a safe flight. We just finished Sammy's science project and we hope you have fun on your first day tomorrow!


samiramahboubian said...

I hope you are all having fun, taking it all in and keeping eachother warm!! I love you Nilou and Julian - xoxoxo Samira