Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Charlotte's Blog Entry1

What I really liked today was how different the Inuits’ culture was compared to ours. When we went to the Inuit school wherever you looked there were old photographs of people, elders, hunters, students, everywhere. It all looked like a whole big family, everyone knew each other.
In our city, we aren’t friendly with everyone who walks past. We don’t know everyone and if they are nice let alone dangerous. In this school there was a freezer with the carcasses of polar bears, musk ox, and caribou that the students could touch and study. I also liked how the school was trying to keep the old traditions, they were learning the main language Inuktituk and English and learning how to build sleds and things. I think that the school was a very good school. If every school were like that I think the world would be a lot better because culture is a very important thing.


sam said...

wow charlotte it sounds so interesting! we are having a great time following the blog...the polar bear sighting was amazing! some of the pix in the plane look a little tilty! hope mommy was ok :~) love daddy

Anonymous said...

your post is very cool. we are enjoying all of the posts! we miss you!


laura said...

hi, charlotte: i have been thinking about you and your mom, this week, and was excited to see your post! i loved reading your thoughts about inuit culture... it's amazing to hear about the different ways that people can live together! i agree with you, i think the world would be a better place with more schools like that. -- from laura (your mom's friend)